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"Though she be but little, she is fierce."

(Pictured: Megan Erin Lai as Hermia)

About Me

Megan Erin Lai

Hi! I'm Megan Erin Lai and I'm a Chicago-based actress, singer , and  dancer. Growing up in the suburbs, I spent most of my time either in dance classes or in rehearsals for orchestra, choir, and vocal jazz. Since I stepped onstage for the first time at three years old in a tiny pair of tap shoes, my love for performing has been ever growing and evolving.

My passion for the arts led me to Illinois Wesleyan University, where I continued to develop my skills in their BFA Acting program. Some of my favorite theatre credits at IWU include Hermia in A Midsummer Night's DreamAlice in Breaking Up, and M in the devised piece entitled Nervous/System. I also had the incredible opportunity to develop and perform in my one-woman show, The Woman I Am and the Woman I'd Like to Be, for my senior project.

My love of acting also extends to the screen and I've completed a number of short films that are either in post-production or can be seen in my film reel. As the title role in Quetta Killed Her Prom Date, I had the pleasure of working opposite SAG Award-nominated actress Nisi Sturgis (Boardwalk Empire).

As someone who has always been fascinated by everyone's individuality and the unique experiences that shape them into who they are, I'm thrilled every time I get to step in front of the camera or onstage and into another person's shoes.

A professor once told me that we have within us the ability to be any character, even the ones that seem the most unlike us. I aim to explore the similarities and differences between myself and the characters I play in order to show that, despite our individuality, we can always find a point of connection through our humanity.

About Me

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